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What We Offer

The advancement in various communication technologies has brought the world closer than it has ever been before. Because of the tremendous scope, it has broadened the horizon and today, any small or big company can spread their business to different countries. Earlier, language was a huge barrier but with translations of all important papers and content being done, the things have changed.

At Professional Voice Overs, we deliver Content writing and translation services to various local as well as international clients. Translating the content no matter what language it is in and how technical it is within the deadlines set by the clients is our expertise! We offer our translation services in many regional as well as foreign languages. PVO will help you fill in the cultural and linguistic gap that the client may be facing. Language will never be a barrier when you have PVO at your service!

We have a vast experience in this field having completed more than 50 projects in over 70 different languages. At Professional Voice Overs you will get top of the market translation service at a great price. Some of the projects that we take up include:

  • Medical Translation Services
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Legal Translation Services
  • E-Learning Translation Services
  • Market Research Tranlation Services
  • Media and Advertisement Translation Services
  • Engineering and Technical Translation Services

We do Indian and Foreign Language Translations.