About Us

We are One of the Most Reputed and Reliable Voice Over firm In India!

500+ Voice Over Artists, 30+ Languages

Based in Pune, the Professional Voice Overs brand has produced various voice overs for infomercials, radio, movie trailers, television advertisements, dubbed films and much more! We have artists from all ages, from various parts of the world!

Are you a corporate firm?

We do voice overs for corporate reports, DVDs, employee soft-skills training and much more!

Shashank Joshi

CEO, Professional Voice Overs

Shashank Joshi has been a voice over artist for almost 10 years which gives him the experience and expertise to enable him to lead this company and light the path for our new voice over talents. He initially acted in theater events which acted as a base for him to become a voice over artist. He is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner. He has trained over 1000 students in colleges and companies. He is also a member of the reputed Association of Voice Artists.